Diane Liberio Courtier ImmobilierDiane Liberio knows Montréal like the palm of her hand. Real estate broker since 1993, even though referendums were scaring owners out of the province and closing down businesses on Ste-Catherine street, she held her own during these difficult times. In 1998, when property prices started jumping, she started guiding towards new horizons buyers having a restrained budget for a coveted burrough. Consequentely, she got to know the city of Montreal inside and out.

Diane Liberio knows every condo building downtown, from Outremont to Old Montreal, Westmount to Le Plateau because she has sold or shown these properties to her numerous buyers. She knows for example that the best levels at Tropiques Nord are not the last ones like everywhere else but in the center where the owners can really appreciate the tropical forest. She knows the best areas in town but even better, the worst and will advise you not to buy in a zone where there are risks of a noisy new construction for example.

Diane Liberio loves her work and it shows. Her patience, her devotion and acute knowledge of the market, be it a coproperty, a house or a revenue property, are precious assets that will help you buy or sell the property of your dreams.