If you plan to buy

Thanks to the internet access to MLS listings, eager buyers can search and find listings virtually anywhere in the world. This is great news. What isn’t so great, is that listings are often coded in language that only an experienced realtor can understand. And they don’t reveal key-aspects like the neighbourhood characteristics, pending development plans or the real reason why a house is being sold.

So what seems to be a great find on your part may in fact end up being a disaster. Unless it is revised by a broker working on your buying behalf, before, during and after the sale, you are opening the door to potentially costly issues.

Looking to buy a property in Montreal?

These days, there is no better real estate opportunity in the world than in our beautiful city of Montreal, and no one knows the values of Montreal better than Diane Liberio. Along with being a safe, culturally rich multinational city, Montreal has its weaknesses, primarily related to municipal politics and taxation. She can fill you in on regional idiosyncrasies that might affect your long-term happiness in your neighbourhood.